Aromatherapy essential oil originates from nature and is a gift from nature to human beings. The essence is extracted from plants. Different plant essences have different effects, and their composition also have different functions.

BASALTM essential oils are where our expertise lies. Our team is made up of beauty and skin care veterans in pursuit of high-quality and performance skin and body products for valued customers.

BASALTM essential oil uses raw materials from the best plants in all parts of the world which source and quality are in line with Canada’s strict regulations. After years of experimental research, various products have been made, which have achieved good results. Among them, BASALTM "Relaxing & Relieving " massage oil has been proven by customers for more than 20 years.

All products are extracted from natural plants with no harmful substances, it can be used with confidence.

Our Vision

In a rapidly developing society, people's soul is not balanced, and soothing and relaxing products are more needed.

BASALTM aims to help enhance the balance of body and mind of contemporary people; who face different kinds of pressure in this fast-paced society. By using essential oils, we can obtain remarkable benefits from nature.

Quality + enthusiasm + effect is your trusted product.

We welcome you as our valued customers.

— Product Research & Development
JM Smooth Canada Inc.